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Mini Fairy Gardens at Bushnell Nursery with Arlene Schott

If you ask me anything in mini-me form is just darn cute!  I love it!  And then you mention gardening and Whoa Nellie!  you can count me in!

Recently I was introduced to a treasure!  I mean like a serious treasure!  Bushnell Gardens and Nursery is AMAZING!  It is most likely one of the best Nurseries in my opinion in Northern California!  It is a secret oasis!  It’s magical, lovely and fantastic!

This past weekend I got to attend and photograph a workshop for mini fairy gardens with the fantastic Arlena Schott at Bushnell!  I took my son Mason and he enjoyed it so very much.  There is just something special about gardening with kids AND then your throw in some story and mystic around it and voila!  a fantastic outing or time spent in the yard together!

After we attended the workshop Mason and I purchased some plants and some miniature items, which are amazingly affordable and drove home to put his garden together.  He had a ball and is very mindful of when we are to water and not water … just a spritz mom, he reminds me!  So cute!

Here are some of my favorites from the workshop!  Arlena is so darling!  I love that she said “there are no rules”  and “scale … forget scale”  … my kind of gal!  What a great way to spend a morning.  Thank you so much Michelle at Bushnell for being so lovely as always!!


And last but not least … Mason’s mini garden … the masterpiece!!!

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