Ever Have One of “Those” Days?

Beautiful Cactus

Have you ever had one of “those” days? I don’t have them very often, but man-o-man today is one of them.

I felt like I needed to shake it off so I scrubbed the tub, then when that didn’t give me the satisfaction I needed I decided to start looking at some flower photos that I had taken not too long back. It did the trick and whipped me right out of that stinky mood. Funny how something so simple can turn things around.

Whenever I go on photo shoots I try hard to take a few snaps of just what is pretty to me right then, or what is interesting. I have a folder just dedicated to those kinds of miscellaneous photos that bring me joy for no reason except the fact that they are like hidden treasure to me. I also have a box that I keep all kinds of little things that have brought me joy over the years that others have said or given to me. Can you believe I have a sticker from the 2nd grade in that box? I’ll have to share that sometime. It’s of Snoopy and I also have one of a sea otter I got that same year from the same teacher, she really knew how to make you feel special with just a simple little sticker.

I hope these snaps bring some joy today. They worked for me. It’s the simple things in life.

Love this Flower

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