Sometimes It IS Worth the Sidetrack

We get so busy in our every day, day-to-day, things we just gotta do. We are so busy it seems.

I’ve been driving by this cute pie stand for over 2 years now, well; actually, way, way longer than that if I think of all the Tahoe trips I’ve taken and haven’t stopped! Yikes!  Anyway, last week, I decided, that’s it, I’m gonna stop.

It was lovely. So many fruits and veggies to choose from. And the pies, OH MY! I went home with just one, but I have to tell you there were so many freshly baked, right out of the oven, ones to choose from it wasn’t an easy decision.

They also had a boxer, Bubba! He was amazingly well behaved – like I wasn’t really sure he really was a boxer! Way, way too calm!

When I got home my family was delighted with the treats I brought back and I felt just a little calmer and satisfied that I had crossed something off my to do list.

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